Facilities at Raffles Hotel That Recommended for All Guests

Facilities at Raffles Hotel That Recommended for All Guests

 As one of the best places with satisfactory service, Raffles Hotel has various facilities that also support the comfort of visitors. Here is some information about the facilities available at this resort to maximize the enjoyment of the visitors who come.

Adequate Room Facilities

Raffles Hotel has many types of rooms with adequate facilities. It is not only comfortable but also clean. You can choose single rooms, double rooms, or other room types, according to your needs.

Each room has free Wi-Fi access to support the online activities of the visitors while in the hotel. Plus, there are several room facilities such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, wardrobe, as well as cooking and bathing utensils that have been prepared.

Meeting Room

In addition, to provide sports facilities, this resort also has a meeting room for visitors who want to work or attend some meetings. This meeting room has complete facilities, such as air conditioning, LCD projector, comfortable table, and chairs.

Not only that but there are also several other facilities that you can use according to your work meeting needs. If you want to use a meeting room, you usually have to pay extra, because the rental fee does not include lodging costs.

Swimming Pool

If you like to swim, this resort also provides an outdoor swimming pool for visitors, both children, and adults. The size of the swimming pool is large. The water is clean, so it is comfortable to use.

In general, the swimming pool consists of 2 parts, namely an adult pool and a children's pool. When swimming, you can also rent buoys or inflatable boats of various shapes.


The next facility prepared by Raffles Hotel is a restaurant that provides various types of food and beverage menus. The restaurant in this hotel serves a variety of local and foreign cuisine and beverage menus with delicious flavors.

You can buy it at a reasonable price, according to the menu list that has been prepared. In the restaurant, you can relax while using social media or chatting with family, friends, or partners.

The restaurant at this resort has a contemporary design and has many photo spots, making it suitable for selfies. The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty calm. So it is proper for those of you who want to enjoy tranquility while relaxing enjoying food and drinks.

Children's Playground

If you stay at the hotel with kids, they can play in the garden at the hotel. This children's playground has a variety of games, such as swings, seesaw, and slides.

There are some places like playing areas which are enjoyable and safe for children. Thus, the child will not feel bored while in the hotel.

The conclusion is this resort provides complete facilities to maximize the comfort of the visitors who come. Enjoy your holiday with your family, friends, or partner by staying at this hotel because that will make your vacation more memorable. Interesting, isn't it?

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