Get To Know Global Sevilla International Preschool Jakarta Barat

Get To Know Global Sevilla International Preschool Jakarta Barat

The Global Sevilla preschool provides an environment for the children to explore, play with peers, gain a sense of self, and build self-confidence. With the good program of preschool Jakarta Barat, you can teach your child with confidence and learning their abilities. For more information and get to know more about the Global Sevilla, you can find the answer by reading this article.

Educational Program

For toddlers, this school has a program designed to encourage the development of young students from 1.5 to 2.5 years of age. The focus of the study is to introduce basic skills to children such as simple counting, recognizing shapes and colors of objects, knowing their abilities, interests, and talents, etc. in a way that is very fun to convey so that children do not get bored easily. 

What Kind Of The Activities in Preschool

The preschool students intended for the children aged 3- 4. This preschool Jakarta Barat is one of the famous international school recommended with activities that will guide the children to develop their confidence. Not only that, but they also learn about self-awareness. All these activities using songs, rhymes, and playing games as the media. In this way, the children won't feel bored.

The Activities Of The Next Level After Preschool

The next level namely Pre-K is more complicated which contains students aged 4-5 years. They will have more complex activities. They learning many of the more difficult things like completing games and understanding songs. They are often faced with difficult situations, from that they can learn problem-solving skills. The teachers will also know how wise the children are making decisions to solve the problem. 

The last Level Of Global Sevilla International Preschool

The preschool Jakarta Barat is not complete without the Global Sevilla. This is the last level of preschool which has students aged 5-6 years old. In this level, the children can develop more and more complex skills. Their motor skills need to be more advanced and their logical thinking should be further developed, enabling them to solve more difficult problems and challenges.

For the parents, if you are looking for a preschool with high quality, you can choose Global Sevilla. You can entrust your children and let them study here. They will be taught various knowledge which will be very useful for their future. This school will also make your children with clever and brilliant minds. Don't hesitate to enroll your children in this school, because this is all for your own child's future.

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